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It has been crossing my mind for a while if I should share some thoughts about very important/long lifetime values while raising girls because I felt that I have minimal to no knowledge about it as I don’t have a child, yet. But then I realized this as a little girl myself and what’s better than digging in and analyzing your own experience?

And before putting my thoughts down here, that’s only one person’s opinion but if there will be even one mother who thought it was useful to read, then this is definitely worth it!

 If you have had a look, you would surely think I am obsessed with looking great but truth is; that’s not correct at all - what I am really obsessed with is ‘feeling great’! I am speaking with my girlfriends, mother, aunts and there are so many woman outside there that are not happy about how do they look like! Why? Because no one taught them to focus on feeling better; to love sports, to eat healthy and to have their own style. Not blaming anybody here, who would have thought all of the information about the healthy lifestyle and habits, movement and sports would be as accessible back in time as it is today? Let’s admit, 99% of us didn’t like physical education lessons at school because those lessons were just not made in the right way.

 So don’t you think that you as a mother and me as the future mother, are responsible to raise the little girls Happy and Confident?! How?

1- Movement! Teach them to love sports! Have you ever met your friend right after the gym workout or a pilates session who wasn’t happy? We must build a habit for exercising at least 2-3 times a week in order to feel great and to be healthy! What are the chances that your daughter will start exercising when she is  20 years old if she haven’t done it before? Especially these days when we and our children are stuck next to the computers and phones so much, it is crucial to exercise in order to be healthy. And it is normal that they will not like gymnastics, dances or tennis. Make them try all the sports until they foster their passions and make a choice, that’s the key! They must Love It! If they don’t like any still, be an example, join and make it together. I bet they love spending time with their parents in any activity!

2- Food! That’s the most important habit that we have to teach our little girls! Snacking, eating late, eating wrong food look so innocent when they are young but again, what are the chances that they will start eating healthy when they are adults?

Teach them that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, teach them to drink lots of water, teach them that it is ok to have cheat days, but that everything has to have a control.

If I would ask some questions on Instagram to our little followers like what is their favorite dress or if they have their favorite swimsuit yet, I would receive the answers: “ I don’t have nice clothes” or “I can’t afford nice clothes”.

Trust me, you truly don’t need to! I was dressing as a child from the second hand store and I still looked the most stylish girl in the class. Even now I can buy a top for 200EGP and people would still keep asking where did I get it as it looks amazing! Why? Because it is all about how you style it and how is your overall look! Is your hair clean, does your skin look fresh, are your shoes clean? And many other questions to add! Teach them how to match the colors and what goes best with the skirt or jeans, give them the opportunity to make their own choices and work their beautiful minds!

 If you miss this knowledge too, keep following our story and we will teach you and your girl about it!

In the future we could speak more about each habit importance, but if you already got any empowering thoughts from this article, I’ve reached my goal!